Makita Dbo180z Review – Cordless Random Orbit Sander

A reliable sander with a high-quality performance is a blessing for every woodworker or landscaping business owner. You can use a great sander to work on the new furniture to get a flawless, smooth, and polished surface. On the other hand, you can use it to remove stains, old paints from the old furniture, or wooden projects and repaint the surfaces easily. You can consider Makita dbo180z review-cordless sander to lend a great performance in your woodworking/ landscaping business.

It will make your sanding and dust extraction projects super easy with less effort. Read Makita dbo180z review- cordless random orbit sander with included buying guide. We included detailed information about this product in the description. You will get further details from the features, pros, and cons sections with ease. Let’s have a deep eye on the review and buying guide section for better understanding.

Makita DBO180Z Cordless Random Orbit Sander

Makita DBO180Z Cordless Random Orbit Sander

Makita DBO180Z is one of the best sanders available now. It comes with a cordless body only, and you have to buy the battery separately. However, it requires 18V to operate successfully. Its 125mm sanding sheet works great to remove dirt and stains from wooden surfaces. In addition, it features three different orbits per minute that are 7000/9500/11000. 

The 1.7 kg lightweight feature lets you handle and operate this sander with ease. It comes with a compact design with a durable structure that ensures durability. However, the low stature and center of gravity features make this device more useful for versatile use. In addition, it is compatible with a 4.0Ah battery and requires up to 36 minutes to get a full charge.

Makita DBO180z review states that it requires an 18v/ 189w input power supply. It’s easy to operate a system that comes with an electronic push-button that features three-speed settings. In addition, this item comes with the dimensions of 6.89″ x 4.84″ x 6.02″. The 5″ roto-orbital sander doesn’t ship with any included battery or charger. You can use this versatile sander for your dust extractor. It produces one cubic meter volume while sanding wooden surfaces. 

Technical Specification/Key Features:

a. Cordless random orbit sander features three different orbits per minute (7000/9500/11000).

b. The compact design, along with the center of gravity, makes it more robust.

c. A 123 mm backing size for better performance.

d. Compatible with a 4.0Ah battery and requires up to 36 minutes to get a full charge.

e. Required input power of 189w.

f. Item weighs 1.7 kg/ ‎2.79 pounds.

g. It comes with 4.8 customers ratings out of 5.


01. It looks robust and works great in sanding.

02. Easy to work with and provides heavy-duty performance.

03. A good dust extraction tool with superior quality.

04. Excellent battery life to run for a longer time.

05. Remove all stains from wood within a short time.


· The battery may come of cheap quality.

· It may not work properly on a narrow surface.

Why Should You Choose It

Finally, Why Should You Choose It?

The Makita dbo180z cordless random orbital sander is the best for removing stains, old paints, and other marks from wooden surfaces. Its three different speed control systems let you perform the sanding from low to high speed. In addition, the dust extractor attachment system collects from the working surfaces while in use. So, consider Makita dbo180z review for choosing this smart tool to make your woodworking/landscaping business super easy.

What to Look for in Makita Dbo180z Review:

Finding a great sander with quality is not very easy. In addition, don’t get bothered after hearing that; let me tell you what to look for in the Makita Dbo 180z review. Now get the best results out of this cordless sander for your woodworking projects. 


First, check out the design of this product. It comes with a sturdy design that makes it easy to operate for sanding and dust extraction tasks.

Power source: 

Its cordless power source is compatible with 180v and a 4.0Ah battery that offers 36 uses per minute.

Electronic Button of Speeds:

It comes with a control button that performs three different speeds per minute on the different settings 7000/9500/11000.

Sanding strokes: 

It produces versatile sanding strokes per minute on three different settings 14000/19000/22000.

Rubber handle: 

Its rubber handle provides easy grip and comfortable operation for its users. In addition, its sturdy design with an ergonomic look provides maximum comfort.

Sanding Vibration:

This machine creates vibration during the sanding that provides easy stain removal action with accuracy. So, buy Makita do 180z random orbital sander for your DYE projects.

The Random Action:

The sanding disk rotates in a different way that provides an even finish on your woodworking surfaces. However, it doesn’t rotate in the same way on the working surface; that’s why it doesn’t leave any stains or stretch marks behind. 

Dust extractor & pot size:

It comes with a dust extraction attachment system. You can adjust the dust extractor for clean working surfaces. 


People look for 5,” or 6″ sander head sizes for their woodworking projects. Select the head size as per your project’s requirements. In addition, Makita comes with a 5″ sander head. 

Users Opinion

Buyers/ Users Opinion for Makita Dbo180z Cordless Random Orbital Sander:

  • 01. Buyers desired to get around 45 minutes of use with one full charge.
  • 02. Several users find the dust collection system great and useful.
  • 03. Most customers loved its low sound-emitting feature.
  • 04. Various buyers loved the quality of this sander.
  • 05. A few users wish it was more powerful. 

Final Verdict:

Though getting the best random orbital sander is quite difficult and tiresome, it is not impossible either. Makita dbo180z review- cordless random orbit sander featured with all necessary information that you might be eager to know. In addition, the robust, sturdy design along with smart technologies makes your tasks easy with its heavy-duty performance. 

We hope you get the Makita dbo180z sander quite helpful for your landscaping/ woodworking projects. For example, try sanding in new furniture to get an even finish or removing old painted wooden surfaces without leaving any stains behind. However, its random sanding head rotates differently and provides an even finish on every woodworking project. So, enjoy your sanding and dust extraction tasks with Makita dbo180z.

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