Killing Weeds With Heat Gun – Step of Process

Are you tired of those homemade remedies for getting rid of weeds? Homemade remedies do work, but the results are pretty unpredictable and very messy. On the other hand, chemical use is harmful. So, the best method is killing weeds with heat gun or a weed burner. If you use a weed heat gun, you can do it quickly, and there’s no build-up. You might use a few passes in a few weeks.

If you want to scare off the growth of your weeds, you should invest in a heat gun. These are affordable but require electricity to use. There are different types of cordless hit guns available, a simple tool for allocating a garden. In this article, we learn about killing weeds with a heat gun, but this heat gun is also used for crafting because the temperature requirement for crafting is 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weeds With Heat Gun

Killing Weeds With Heat Gun – How It Works Well

In this type of heat weeding, people usually expose the weeds to more temps than average survival, killing them. The great thing about them is they kill weeds almost instantaneously, and they have got no build-up and no knock-on effect with the local environment. It is important to note that those who are using this method are using two methods.

Either the Soil Has Warmed Up:

At very high temperatures and for a long time: To kill soil-borne diseases (soil disinfection) along with growing weeds and weed seeds or the upper surface parts of unauthorized plants are scorched at sufficiently high temperatures.

The Objective of the Latter Approach:

You have to kill all the stems or damage the stem (and root system) while using. Keep in mind that buds are the primary parts of weeds that continue to grow. So, they must be free from new shoots/leaves. The following method aims to kill all the buds or damage the stems (and the root system).

Killing Weeds With a Heat Gun – the Procedures

To eradicate weeds, the best type of heat gun is the one that is used for paint stripping work. So, you can use this heat gun for acrylic pouring. As we all know, it blows hot air; it is an excellent chemical weapon against weeds. Using a weed killer, over time, your plants get resistant, but with this heat gun, there is zero resistance.

You have to follow the safety precautions when working with a heat gun. The precautions are :

Keep the Metallic Nozzle Off:

Never touch the red hot metal nozzle. By connecting the metal nozzle, there is a risk of burning.

A Word of Wind Flow:

Don’t direct the air wind flow to your body. You risk burning again!

Switch It Off:

Before you put the heat gun down on a surface, make sure your gun is switched off.


Make sure your heat gun is cool before storage (almost half an hour).

No Blockage:

It can be heated and probably fall on fire

Use a Heavy-duty Extension Cord:

A heat gun can create a higher temperature of 1200 ° F (649 ° C) and burn. In this case, a heavy-duty extension cord is helpful.

More Gear:

Before starting, you have to put on a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of heavy-duty work gloves. You can wear additional protective gear like goggles.

Don’t burn weeds in areas with dry foliage because they can easily catch fire. (The power switches & fan motors in heat guns are an ignition hazard and are not spark-free).

Before you get down to work, you should first get out of all possible fire risks (paper towels and other burner trash) from that area. The procedure of killing weeds with a heat gun is essential, and you can also use this type of heat gun for electronic repair.

Burning Weeds

Burning Weeds in the Field- Apply Sequence

Step 1: Plug It in

At first, plug the heat gun directly into the nearest wall outlet.

Tip: Always set the power switch-off position before plugging it in. Otherwise, you can accidentally activate the heat gun before you are ready.

Step 2: Switch It on (Set the Recommended Setting, if Applicable)

The temperature you will need usually depends on the weeds you are removing. Most weeds stay below 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 degrees centigrade). It is essential that set the heat gun to the appropriate temperature. If it has separate controls, airspeed, your manual will help you.

Step 3: Direct the Gun’s Nozzle Above the Weeds

First of all, you have to stand in those places where you want to start the weed-killing job. Then, hold the heat gun at an angle that will allow you to direct the heat where you want to fire. You should fire at the center of the weeds.

When you start the heating, make sure that the heat goes to the weed’s center parts. Continue heat there until your weed wilts. After wilting, you can move to the next weed. Repeat the process until all the weeds have wilted.

Step 4: Turn It Off

To turn off, switch the long handle off and set it down. You can proceed to store it after it has cooled for not less than half an hour.

Step 5: Check for Regeneration and Apply Further Heat Treatment.

Some stubborn weeds, such as deep-rooted Canadian thistle, send deep roots, and the cell structure may have remained intact. They are tough to pull and can pop up again after one week. Therefore, you have to visit the area after about seven days and heat new growing weeds, if necessary.

Killing Weeds With a Heat Gun- Effective Tips

The Best Heat Gun to Use:

The best heat gun’s working capacity depends on a single heat setting and fan speed. There’s no need to buy more advanced models for this task.


Never keep your gun nozzle directly against weeds because it can overheat the gun. You should maintain the standard distance from the weed. However, distance is varied from weed to weed.

Don’t Have to Burn the Weed:

Always try to apply adequate heat to kill the plant. Now the question is, how do you understand that the plant died. There is a signal that it’s dead is wilting, or the leaves are changing color.

Burning Weeds in Rocks:

Try to wave the heat gun over the stones in a zigzag style. For better output, you should continue this process until the weeds die.

Kill the Weeds When They’re in the Juvenile Stage:

Kill the Weeds When They’re in the Juvenile Stage:

Remember that you should use the heat gun before the weeds overgrowth. When you burn, It will be much easier to burn the juveniles (young and tender). The process of killing will be super speedy. You will keep using it, and the weeds won’t get resistant.

Final Verdict

Make sure there are no small puppies running around friends, family, children, or animals. Then you’re good to go and can use it on paths, beds, borders pretty much anywhere. It’s far more efficient. So although the heat gun will kill it, you have to do it a few times. In this way, you’re just burning off that top layer from time to time again until a plant gives up and dies.

Hopefully, you understand the complete process of killing weeds with a heat gun. One plus point is that few heat guns are also built for epoxy resin. If you want to learn about the best heat gun for epoxy resin, you can read another article from here.

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