Killing Weeds With Blowtorch

Are you looking for an effective way to remove weeds from your garden? Then a blowtorch should be the best choice. let’s read this article to learn the whole process of killing weeds with blowtorch. 

This weeding method will not affect the soil of your garden. Besides, you don’t need to work hard while using a blowtorch. At the same time, you will be able to kill the weeds from your garden by using a blowtorch, even if you have no previous experience. 

Killing Weeds With a Blowtorch

Weeds are disturbing plants that grow in your garden. You have to remove the weeds in a certain period. Otherwise, the weeds will oppress your necessary plants. 

However, weeds can be removed by using various ways. But some methods are harmful to the plants, soil, and environment.

Hence, you can use a blowtorch to remove the weeds from your garden. It works very well for the weeds removal purpose. 

Let’s explore more. 

What is a Blowtorch

What is a Blowtorch?

A blowtorch is a tool used to burn off the weeds of the garden. It is a fuel-based tool. So, it must contain a connection with fuel while applying to kill weeds. 

However, a blowtorch is also used for soldering, welding, and cooking purposes. 

Types of Blowtorch 

There are mainly two types of the blowtorch, gas-based and liquid-based. 

A gas-based blowtorch can be conducted by liquid petroleum gas, oxy-gas, propane gas, etc. On the other hand, a liquid-based blowtorch needs diesel or kerosene to be applied. 

However, in modern times, gas-fuelled blowtorches are most popular. 

Is Blowtorch a Suitable Way to Destroy Weeds

Is Blowtorch a Suitable Way to Destroy Weeds?

A blowtorch is undoubtedly a suitable and effective way to remove the weeds from the garden. 

The blowtorch will remove the weeds thoroughly from your garden. At the same time, it is more effective than any other method. You can remove the weeds in a very short time by using this method. 

A blowtorch is also a cost-effective tool. So you can get it at an affordable price. 

How to Use a Blowtorch to Kill Weeds?

You must know how to use a blowtorch if you want to get effective results from it. Moreover, you have to learn the step-by-step process of using a blowtorch to kill weeds. 

Let’s learn the ultimate process without wasting any time. 

Step 1

At the beginning of the process, you should arrange the necessary tools to run the process smoothly. Here is a list of essential tools. 

  • A blowtorch
  • A gas cylinder 
  • A hoe 
  • Goggles 
  • Gloves

Arrange these tools, now let’s move into the next step. 

Step 2

A question can arise: what is the best blowtorch for weeds? Well, you must consider some crucial facts while choosing a blowtorch for weeds. 

There are mainly two styles of blowtorches,  heavy-duty torch, and lightweight torch. Now, you decide which one will be best for you. 

After that, you should measure the flame control system of the torch, the hose length, and the heat rating. 

Lastly, you should look for a specific way to light the torch. There are two kinds of torch available. One is a built-in igniter, and the other is a manual striker. 

Yes, Now choose your desired one. 

Step 3

Now, sweep the area thoroughly. Carry away inflammable materials. 

After that, connect the torch with the gas cylinder. Try to connect it firmly. Never create pressure while connecting with the gas cylinder. 

Now, you are ready to kill the weeds. 

Step 4

In this step, you just need to turn on the torch by pressing its trigger. If you use a built-in igniter torch, then the flame will be lit automatically after turning on the torch. 

On the other hand, you have to light the flame of the torch manually in case of a manual striker torch. 

However, move the flame over the weeds. Keep in mind that you have to walk steadily and slowly. Apply them on the leaves and roots of the weeds. 

Step 5

Now, clean the surface again. Remove the leaves from your garden. 

In this step, you can use a hoe to exterminate the root of the weeds. And by doing this work, you can prevent the further growth of the weeds. 

Safety Measurement 

Safety Measurement 

You must keep in mind some very crucial safety measurements while working with a blowtorch. Some noticeable safety measurements are as follows. 

Try to maintain the described safety measurement so that you can accomplish your work without any complications. 

Wear Protective Dresses

Try to wear fire protective dresses while working with a blowtorch. Never forget to wear gloves, glasses, and shoes. 

However, try to stay away while working with the blowtorch. Not touching the hose of the torch and the burned area is another crucial fact. 

Keep Necessary Materials Away.

Try to keep your necessary materials away from the blowtorch while killing the weeds. 

Keep away the gas pipe and cylinder from the hose of the torch. Never allow your pets and children in the garden while working with a blowtorch. 

Benefits of a Blowtorch

There are a lot of benefits of a blowtorch that you can’t ignore. It is very easy to use. It requires less labor. Moreover, it won’t impact your plants and garden. 

Drawbacks of a Blowtorch

Besides a lot of benefits, it has some drawbacks.

  • If you use it carelessly, then it can damage your plants.
  • Moreover, using a blowtorch is risky work. 

When to Use a Blowtorch

You have to use a blowtorch to kill the weeds from your garden at the beginning of the summer period or during the spring season. The majority of experts recommend this period to remove the weeds. 

However, never use the blowtorch to kill the weeds in drought time. Otherwise, you may face a difficult situation. 


Using a blowtorch to kill the weeds is a very useful method. You don’t need to use chemicals or any other toxic materials in this process. 

However, I hope you have a clear concept now on killing weeds with blowtorch. I strongly believe that you will be able to use the blowtorch without facing any trouble.

Now, get your desired torch for your project and remove the weeds from the garden. 

Good luck!

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