How to Load a Caulk Gun: an Ultimate Guide

A caulk gun is a great tool for DIY work. If you are into any DIY projects, you should have a good understanding of how to use them. This tool can help you in household repairs or installation and make the process easier. 

However, as you are here, you might be a dedicated DIYer who already has a caulk gun. But you may find it difficult to load it and want to know about how to load a caulk gun?

Well, don’t worry. Soon, you will be able to use your caulk gun after reading this article!

Get on board and let’s learn from this article!

How to Load a Caulk Gun

How to Load a Caulk Gun

Usually, a caulk gun is used to repair small cracks near the doors or windows, even near the bathtub. In this process, small cracks are usually refilled by applying sealants and silicone caulk. 

The caulk gun is made up of two parts: the frame and the caulk tube. You will have to insert the caulk tube into the frame before the caulk gun is ready to use.

But the fact is, inserting the caulk tube into the frame is not an easy task. Many people find it difficult to do it properly. So, our objective is to let you know the appropriate method of doing that.

Steps To Follow

Step 1

The very first step to load the caulk gun is to find the trigger on the back of the gun. The position of this trigger may vary from different designs of the caulk guns. It usually stays on the back of the gun but it may also be by the one side of the gun, which may work as a switch. 

However, this trigger will help to release the long steel rod that extends over the entire structure. Use your thumb to press the trigger, then pull the rod backward as far as possible while still pressing the trigger.  

You may need others’ assistance for the first time to keep the rod in place while you are forwarding to the next step. 

Step 2

The next step is to insert the caulk tube into the frame. When the rod is pulled away, that creates a space in the frame. All you will have to do is to take the caulk tube and put it in that space. 

Make sure that the nozzle of the tube is facing the opposite way of the rod. Put the flat part of the tube into the frame first. When the flat part of the tube touches the round shape of the gun, lower the front part of the tube (which includes the nozzle) and thus place the tube into the frame properly. 

Assemble the tube in such a way that it is tight and level. 

Step 3

The next step is to perforate the caulk tube with the metal rod. After securely inserting the caulk tube into the frame, you will have to roll back or in some cases, push the metal rod into the caulk tube. 

Once the rod hits the back part of the caulk tube, ensure that the tube is set tightly. After this, your caulk gun will be ready to perform. 

This step helps the caulk tube to remain in the right place. It also allows the gun function to work properly.

Step 4

The last step is to simply cut the nozzle. But it may go wrong if you rush and cut the nozzle in a random shape. It may also make the nozzle unusable.

It’s better if you cut the nozzle at a 45-degree angle at the tip of it. Many people tend to cut the nozzle wide just because they are working on a large crack. 

However, do not do it in the first place, rather cut it in a small shape. If it doesn’t work, then you can cut further. 

Manufacturers may provide a cutter by the side of the gun. In this case, you can use it to cut the tip of the nozzle. This cutter also doesn’t require any sharpening, so you can use it easily. 

How to Unlock a Caulk Gun

How to Unlock a Caulk Gun

Many people also want to know about how to unlock a caulk gun. Well, the answer is in the 1st step of the loading process.

Press the release trigger by using your thumb. This will unlock the metal rod from the gun frame. you can pull it out and insert the caulk gun. 

How to Unload a Caulk Gun

After loading and completing your repair work, you may also find yourself struggling with unloading your caulk gun. Let me explain how to unload a caulk gun.

  • To unload the caulk gun, hold the gun by using your one hand.
  • Then simply turn the gun in a clockwise direction by your other hand.
  • After that, pull the long metal rod backward. This will help to loosen the caulk tube from the gun frame.
  • Remove the caulk tube from the frame and here we go, you have successfully unload your caulk gun. 

How To Clean a Caulk Gun

To keep the gun clean, wipe up the gun by using a piece of cloth so that the caulk doesn’t get the time to settle on the gun body. It is also necessary to clean up the round portion of the long metal rod.

If you don’t clean it, next time when you will reuse the gun, it will be hard to assemble the caulk tube into the proper place.

You may also use a knife to clean any residual silicone sealant. 

When Caulk Gun Doesn’t work?

Nevertheless, after doing everything in the right manner, you might yet find that your caulk gun is not working. The reason behind it can be the packed nozzle by dried caulk.

To remove the dried caulk, there is usually a metal prong attached to the gun. Poke it through the tip of the nozzle to clear the path.

If you don’t have any metal prongs, a coat hanger can be a perfect replacement. However, after poking, if you don’t see any caulk on the metal prong, this can indicate that the caulk tube is empty or the caulk inside has been dried out. 

So, make sure to preserve the caulk tube in the right manner. 


At the end of this article, I hope you have got the process right. Once you load the gun in the right way, it will be easier to unload the gun as well.

Through this article on how to load a caulk gun, we’ve tried to bring up all the steps that you have to go through. Now, it is your turn.  

Last but not least, don’t forget to put on gloves as the caulk is really hard to get rid of from the skin.

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