How To Fix Hairline Cracks in Drywall Ceiling?

Are you worried about the hairline crack you found in the ceiling recently? Well, this is very common structural damage that can be solved easily and is not extreme in most cases. In this article, I will let you know how to fix hairline cracks in drywall ceilingSince these cracks are very thin like a hairline, in construction language these types of cracks are addressed as hairline cracks in the wall.  

Let’s dive into the main topic to know more about these cracks.

Usual Place Of Hairline Crack:

Hairline Cracks can be found both on plaster or wall surface. When any kind of encampment occurs in a house, it starts to happen. 

After moving furniture or some heavy things from one place to another, you can see these kinds of cracks in the edge of windows or doors or sometimes in the middle line of two joints of a wall or pillar in a house. 

Reasons Behind Hairline Crack

Reasons Behind Hairline Crack:

There are some specific reasons behind the cracks. Some have been mentioned below-

  • Humidity fluctuation can cause cracks because the moisture contents vary every season and the inner plaster puts pressure on the paint upon swelling.
  • The structural materials used for the construction can also be vitally responsible. 
  • Forcefully screwing any pin on the wall for hanging heavy pictures or artifacts can cause damage.
  • For these types of cracks, earthquakes can be one of the main reasons.

Identifying Cracks In Drywall Ceiling 

To fix the hairline cracks in your ceiling, you need to find out the extent of the damage first. After that, you can plan out the fixing tools and process. But it is always recommended to call in professionals if you think the damage is extreme. 

  • Find out the types of cracks in the ceiling. 
  • Find any crack on the outer side of the building as well.
  • Measure the size ( thin/thick )and length of the crack.
  • Observe the condition of your ceiling. Look for swaging/damping/leaking/sagging
  • Check the basement properly. See whether the problem has arisen from the base or not.
  • Check the condition of the floor. If your ceiling has cracks, check out the upper floor of your ceiling.
  • Check outdoors and window edges.

Finding cracks deeper and on both sides of the wall can be fatal for some buildings. If the hairline cracks are thicker, call for professionals.

How To Fix Hairline Cracks In Drywall Ceiling? 

Since most of the people in our society are not aware of the construction materials in general, it is always the best decision to call in a professional expert worker. 

Basically, professional wall painters or contractors can solve this type of problem effectively. Applying tape or giving a thinner plaster can easily heal the fact. They have the proper knowledge of making plaster by mixing the exact ingredients according to weather demand, climate facts, and temperature. 

But if the crack is simply the result of weather change and is only visible over the plaster layer and in the paint, you can solve this problem by yourself.

Equipment For Fixing The Ceiling Crack:

  • Plastic Cover Sheet
  • Safety gear to wear
  • Ladder and high table
  • Drywall Knife
  • Sticky tape for walls
  • Mud for wall
  • Sanding sponge


To fix hairline cracks in the drywall ceiling, you need to follow the steps given below:  

Step 01: Cover the Floor:

After identifying the cracked area on the ceiling, place a good quality plastic sheet on the floor and remove all furniture or cover them. This will reduce your cleaning work on the floor.

Don’t forget to wear safety goggles, a mask, and gloves.

Step 02: Place Ladder and High table:

A ladder and a high table have to be placed under the selected area. By doing so, you can have the fixing products organized and close to hand as required. 

Step 03: Scrapping the Wall:

Carefully scrape out the unnecessary or loose materials around the crack with a drywall knife. Now you will have a clear view of the crack and a clean space to work again.

Step 04: Covering With Tape:

Cut the tape according to the size of the crack. Apply the sticky tape over the crack line very carefully. This type of tape provides heavy stickiness so that the entire crack line and the surrounding area can be easily covered up with it.

Step 05: Applying Mud:

Follow the instructions given in the packet of the mud powder to mix a certain amount of mud power with water. You have to apply this mud for coating. In a plastic container, mix this mud with warm water. Now, you will need a putty knife to apply the mixture. 

Apply the first coating in a smooth layer and attach it to the wall very carefully. This mud will cover up the tape fully. Since the mud will dry rapidly, apply as soon as you prepare the mixture.

Give a double coat to smooth the surface.

Step 06: Sanding:

After the mud surface dries completely, apply a sanding sponge to that area. Sanding will prepare the mud surface to apply primer and paint again to maintain the repaired part like the rest of the wall. 

Step 07: Paint:

You can apply primer and paint to the repaired part only. But that may seem a little uneven.

So, you can sand the whole ceiling to get rid of the previous paint and apply the same color paint to the whole ceiling. Don’t forget to apply primer before the paint and apply another coating of the paint after the first one dries overnight.


Fixing the cracks in the ceiling can be extra dangerous and tiresome because it is an uncomfortable place to work. Ensure your safety is the topmost priority and work according to the steps given above.

Now that you know how to fix hairline cracks in drywall ceiling, you can fix your cracked wall with the little equipment that can be found in any hardware store. But always look for an expert if you are afraid to reach the ceiling.

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