DA Sander Vs Random Orbital Sander – Which is The Best?

Are you interested in any Auto bodywork, removing paint, stripping, smoothing, or refinishing surfaces? Then, obviously, you need a perfect sander. Well, among all types of sanders, DA sander and random sander are the most common as well as effective tools. Now, You may have the question: da sander vs random orbital sander – Which is the best tool? 

We have come up with a detailed comparison of DA Sander Vs Random Orbital Sander. You know one particular sander can do one particular work. After reading this article, you will confidently choose your most suitable sander.

Then let’s go through the article and know about the perfect sander for your purpose.

DA Sander

What is a DA Sander?

DA means Dual Action Sander. It’s called a dual sander because of its dual motion. Dual Sanders is a combination of belt sander and disk sander. Hence, dual Sanders are perfect for woodwork as well as auto body repair. It is obviously a powerful and versatile sander as it is a combination of two sanders.

Purpose of Usages:

Before knowing about its usage, you should know how it works. Earlier I told you that dual action sanders work on dual motion. It is moveable forward and backward including a slightly rotary motion. 

Any defects in the surface can easily be removed by this sander. Its rectangular-shaped sandpaper can remove scratch marks on wood grain.

This sander is mostly used in auto body repair for shaping. For car waxing, it is the best choice. It also makes the body of the material smoother for painting.

Actually, it works well when you give the final finishing in any project, I mean in the finishing stages of a project. It can grind down sharp corners and rust. Woodworkers recommend this sander as a good sander.


  • Can remove many materials
  • Can be operated in air-powered or electric
  • Move forward and backward.
  • Includes rotary motion 
  • Best for the final project


  • Requires more physical strength
Random Orbital Sander

What is a Random Orbital Sander?

The Random Orbital Sander can move in a random orbit. For this reason, it’s called the Random Orbital Sander. It is the subcategory of the orbital sander. And it works with a disk-shaped sanding pad. 

Purpose of Usages:

Random Orbital Sanders are powerful tools that are easy to use in the home and garage. You can easily use this sander to smooth the joint of the cabinet door. 

People basically use it for different projects because it is very easy to handle. And anybody can easily sand the edge of the material.  You can give a good finish with no swirl marks. Besides, you can do metalwork with this.

Removing paint or varnish stripping as well as woodworking can be done easily with a random orbital sander. The sander works smoothly on the floor, cutting board, and table pots.


  • Removes more stuff than others
  • Works in Random orbits
  • Versatile than other sanders
  • Leaves no swirl
  • Do metalwork 


  • Sometimes removes too much stuff
  • Can’t reach the Difficult corner
PointsRandom Orbital SanderDual Action Sander
Purpose of UsagesSmooths surface and remove paint and varnishSmooths surface and auto body repairing
Sanding MaterialSandpaperSandpaper
Working PrincipleWorks in random orbitsWorks in dual motion.
Head ShapeRound ShapeRound Shape
Sheet Size5 to 6 inches5 to 8 inches
Work On Surface & TypeStraight surface and also the curved surfaceStraight surface and also curved.
Working ProcessAfter adding the sanding disc, turn the unit on and let the disc spin at full speed.After attaching the sanding disc, choose the orbit and start the unit.
MotionCircular and orbitingMoving horizontal and vertically including rotary
Type of Sander

Which Type of Sander is the Best for You?

The Dual Action Sander and Random Orbital Sanders are almost the same as a normal Orbital Sander. Some extra features are added to these sanders. The differences between these sanders in sanding pad moves.

In Dual Action Sander, there are two action modes. That’s why It can cut the material so fast, but you will find swirl marks. In a Random Orbital Sander, there is one mode. And it doesn’t leave any swirl marks.

Basically, the best sander choice depends on which type of work you have done. DA  sander is good for rough auto bodywork or heavy construction projects. This sander is pneumatic.

On the other hand, The Random Orbital Sander is electric and works well at home. It gives you a fine finish.

When you buy a sander you should think about the cost. The DA sander is costlier than Random Orbital Sander. But both sander price increase with its features. 

You will find a Random orbital sander in compact size while the Dual action sander is a larger size. The DA sander works on an air compressor whereas the Random orbital sander works on an electric motor.

The strength can be 2000-10000 RPM in a DA sander. On the other hand, the random orbital sander can reach 12000 RPM. It is the highest speed of this sander.

Mostly, The choice of sander depends on the work’s purpose, strength, cost, and size. DA sander and Random sander both are good at sanding. So, buying the sander depends on your purpose.

Final Verdict

Many essential home and auto body repair works can be done with a random orbital sander and DA orbital sander. The whole article describes the difference between da sander vs Random Orbital sander so that you can easily differentiate.

If you are professional, then you need these two sanders. But If you are doing normal work, then you can choose anyone between the two. The purpose of each tool depends on the job you are willing to do.

So make the right decision to buy the sander According to your purpose and needs. Choose the most suitable one.

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