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A picture holds our memories in it and speaks a lot without even saying a word. A great picture frame can increase the beauty of your desired image as well. However, to get a perfect picture frame, you must have kept the best staple gun for picture framing in your toolbox. A perfect featured staple gun with quality is always satisfying to have one.

A durable staple gun with excellent quality can do your work with accuracy. On the other hand, a cheaper quality staple gun can ruin your picture frame. So, having the best staple gun to perform your picture framing task is mandatory. A great featured staple gun will do fantastic work for your picture framing tasks.

Sometimes, choosing the best staple gun for picture framing becomes time-consuming as well as tedious too. Moreover, it can not be delightful, especially for the first-timer. Nothing too tense about it; here in this content, we have covered your back. Now give a read to the 7-best staple gun reviews to beautify your picture framing action.

7-Best Staple Gun for Picture Framing Reviews

Finding a staple gun is super easy nowadays. But choosing the best one from available options is confusing. That’s why we picked the 7-best staple guns for picture framing for your consideration. So, give a read to consider them to buy the best one for your home repair.

01. Heavy Duty Stalwart Staple Gun

Technical Specification
  • Brand: Stalwart
  • Model / Part Number: 75-ST6064
  • Material: Wood, Alloy Steel
  • Style Type: Heavy Duty
  • Manufacturer: Trademark GLB
  • Origin: China
Heavy Duty Stalwart Staple Gun

Let me start the review part by introducing the stalwart staple gun for your consideration. This 75-ST 6064 staple gun provides heavy-duty performance for its customers. You can use this 3-way staple gun to set fabric crafts, upholstery, wood, and construction. However, it comes with a carrying case and bulletin board. Its ergonomic red color and elegant design make it the best product of its kind.

The durable alloy steel with a chrome finish ensures a longer life. Wooden legs ensure the safest place, while the rubber grip offers quality comfort. However, if you are in search of the best staple gun with a case, the Stalwart stapler is for you. Stalwart- 75-ST6064 is ideal for T-18, T50, and T50 BW. It comes with a built-in convenient locking button to keep this staple gun closed.

This Stalwart staple model comes with a three-way gun design. It also includes three different sizes of staples of 600+. However, it is a perfect tool kit for crafting that provides heavy-duty performance. This item weighs only one pound and comes with the dimensions of 8.5″×10.5″×1.75″.

Highlighted Features:

Color: Red and Black color

Staple size: Three different size staples with a three-way gun

Materials: Alloy steel frame, wood, and rubber materials ensure durability.

Staples: It comes with three different sizes of 600+ nails to do multiple tasks.

Design: It comes with a chrome-plated design that makes it easy to manage

  • It comes with a great functionality
  • Affordable product with superior quality.
  • It can go with the JT21 staples as well.
  • It is easy to use with less physical strength.
  • Useful for almost all types of stapling tasks.
  • It may come with fewer staples than mentioned.


What size did staples come with the stalwart -75-ST6064?

Answer: The Stalwart gun comes with three different size staples to help with your everyday work. The T-18, T50, and T50 BW staples are the perfect size pins for your gun.

Can I use it to staple insulated electric cable to wood base molding?

Answer: Yes. You can use this heavy-duty staple gun to set the insulated electric cable to your wood base molding.

02. Logan F500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite

Technical Specification
  • Brand:
  • Model / Part Number:
  • Material:
  • Style Type:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Origin:
Logan F500-2 Dual Point Driver Elite

Here comes the Logan f500-2 dual point elite picture framing staple gun. It comes with a double-point driver to make picture framing tasks easy and perfect. However, it is suitable for both rigid & flexible pointing jobs. It creates earthward pressure on your desired materials. That ensures you get your desired picture framing point.

Its rubber grip offers you maximum comfort while dealing with it. However, its redesigned grip control system demands 50% less human strength to run it. This package comes with one point driver, one instruction manual, 50 rigid points, and 50 flexible points.

You can use F53- F56 points to refill this staple gunpoint. Its durable materials make it the sturdy staple gun for sewing, crafts, picture framing, and more. This dual-point staple gun weighs about 1.4 pounds. It comes with the dimensions of 1.75″ x 6.5″ x 7.75″. This elegant photo stapler kit holds the frame securely during the framing.

Highlighted Features:

Easy to use: The elegant design of this convenient staple gun is easy to use for holding points.

Smart adjustment: This staple gun comes with an intelligent adjustment. That will raise the pressure to get your desired clip depth.

Easy to load: It is easy to load and refill the staples.

Comes with Dual points: Its dual points make it compatible for every user because of its rigid & flexible points.

Light-weight: Its less-weight feature of 1.4 pounds allows you to carry it with ease.

  • It requires less physical strength to operate
  • The rubber grip let you handle this staple gun with quality comfort
  • It rarely gets jammed if used perfectly
  • Its versatile use makes it perfect for heavy-duty performance
  • It is very light-weight, and you can carry it to your work side with ease
  • You may find it challenging to staple on hard resin things


Can I use this dual point driver elite for my window frames?

Ans: The Logan f500-2 dual-point driver elite is compatible with picture framing only. It will be wise if you check if it is recommended for window frames.

03. Standard Pneumatic Heavy Duty Stapler

Technical Specification
  • Brand:
  • Model / Part Number:
  • Material:
  • Style Type:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Origin:
Standard Pneumatic Heavy Duty Stapler

Let me discuss the T50 type heavy-duty staple gun from the Surebonder brand. That comes with the model Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic staple gun. Use compressed air for running your smart staple gun. However, it comes with a standard basic color to adjust your tools collection.

The Surebonder 9600B is one of the best T50 staple guns within its price range. You can use this heavy-duty stapler to set or repair upholstery tasks. However, its adjustable air exhaust allows you to adjust the air force based on the materials. Utilize this pneumatic stapler picture frames, cabinet backs, carpet padding, and light trim.

You can use it for small furniture repairs, woodworking projects, and house wrap. It comes with a factory-equipped safety mechanism to ensure safety. However, its quick-release magazine allows you to load the staple magazine with ease. This manual staple gun comes with the dimensions of 3″ × 9″ ×11″.

Highlighted Features:

Fast: It provides fast & safe performance.

Comfortable: It comes with a cushioned handle to provide comfort.

Included carrying case: It comes with a high-impact carrying case.

Versatile use: It is suitable for universal use with quality performance.

Factory Equipped: It is a factory-equipped staple gun that comes with a quick male connector.

  • This staple gun works flawlessly
  • Easy to line up the staples around the upholstery fabric
  • Suitable for roofing or plastic staple
  • Put downstairs runner perfectly fine
  • Easy to load & unload, light-weight and compact
  • Use carefully to avoid jamming


Do I need to use an air compressor to operate this staple gun?

Ans: It is a smart idea to use an air compressor to operate your staple gun. Compressed air is a must to run this gun.

Does it come with a safety switch?

Ans: This Surebonder Staple Gun comes with a safety switch feature.

04. LANNIU Staple Gun

Technical Specification
  • Brand:
  • Model / Part Number:
  • Material:
  • Style Type:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Origin:
LANNIU Staple Gun

The last product of this review article is the LANNIU Staple Gun. This heavy-duty staple gun comes with a remover in the package. However, this multi-purpose 4-in-1 staple gun offers 4000 staples for your everyday needs. You can utilize it for DYE, Upholstery, Decoration, Fixing Material, Furniture, and Carpentry.

Its four different types of staples, such as T, I, U, D, perform heavy-duty. Its sturdy alloy steel material makes it corrosion & rust-resistant. However, it provides a durable, heavy-duty performance with quality for its consumers. You can carry this lightweight staple gun with ease because of its less weight.

It includes a matching stapler remover that will enable you to clear the jam. You can restore the nail gun super quickly to operate smoothly. With its spring-back impact, it ensures long-lasting performance for you. Its easy to load & easy operating system makes it suitable for all ages users.

Highlighted Features:

Weight: This item weighs about 1 pound.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this heavy-duty staple gun are 5″×2″×5″.

Staples: It comes with 4000 pins of four different types (1000 nails each).

Material: Its durable alloy steel material makes it rust-resistant to provide longer life.

Multi-purpose: This four-in-one heavy-duty staple gun is suitable for conducting multi-purpose tasks.

  • It comes with multi-style staples to do your home repairing task.
  • This durable staple gun is suitable for repairing the bottom of your couch.
  • It has two different sizes of nails & two various staples at the same time.
  • Easy to fill up and ideal for braid and staple.
  • It is an excellent product with a sturdy design within its price range.
  • You may find the handle hard to squeeze.


Does this take t-50 staples?

Ans: Yes. This four-in-one heavy-duty staple gun takes T50-style staples. It comes with 1000 T- shaped nails for its users.

Does the package include any staple remover?

Ans: Yes. It comes with a smart staple remover in the package. That permits you to do your upholstery or another task with ease.

05. 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Steel Staple Nail Gun with Remover

Technical Specification
  • Brand:
  • Model / Part Number:
  • Material:
  • Style Type:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Origin:

Now I am going to discuss the staple nail steel gun with remover. It comes with a three-in-one heavy-duty staple gun tool. That upholstery stapler comes with 3000 Staples. However, it is suitable for settling decoration, material, furniture, carpentry, and windows. You can have this manual staple gun for your everyday household items.

This T-type, U-shaped, multi-purpose three-in-one staple kit is suitable for tackling your everyday items. It is also ideal for repairing and fastening your needs. However, its chrome steel body with a 5.86mm all-steel column provides maximum durability. Its built-in rust-resistant surface prevents every kind of exterior damage.

The AECCN brand manufactures this 3-in-1 Staple Gun with Remover. It comes with a manual operating system. However, it comes with three different staples to meet your demands. That is: 2000pcs of Door-type, 500pcs of U, and 500pcs of T-shaped staples. Enjoy a lifetime manufacturing warranty on this mail gun stapler. It comes with 7.48″ x 10.83″ x 1.57″ dimensions.

Highlighted Features:

Weight: It comes with 2.35 pounds weight only.

Material: Its alloy steel material makes it heavy-duty and rust-resistant.

Usability: You can use this multi-purpose three-in-one staple gun for settling down your everyday items.

Warranty feature: It comes with a lifetime warranty from its producer.

  • It comes with heavy-duty performance.
  • Easy load and unload technology makes it fast.
  • It is the perfect staple gun for installation or DIY projects.
  • Suitable for reupholstering tasks.
  • It is a perfect product at this price range.
  • You may find the grip hard to push


Can this staple gun be used to staple/nail into the wood?

Ans: Yes. You can use this staple gun to nail into wood frames such as doors, and windows.

How can I remove stuck staples?

Ans: You can remove all loose staples by eliminating the spring loading clip. Otherwise, use both your hands to remove the stuck nails with the help of long nose pliers. Pull your stapler’s s/s wings a little back to drop the staple magazine.

06. WOLFWILL 3 in 1 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

Technical Specification
  • Brand:
  • Model / Part Number:
  • Material:
  • Style Type:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Origin:
WOLFWILL 3 in 1 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

Here is the WOLFWILL 3 in 1 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun for your kind review. This staple gun kit comes with a brad nail gun, remover, and three different types of nail sets. With its silicone & steel materials and a pc carrying box, it looks trendy. However, you can use this manual staple gun for your everyday items.

The WOLF WILL T-type, U-shaped, door-type multi-purpose staple kit is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. This unique binding stapler comes with a soft gel inserted in its handle. That will protect your delicate hands from blisters & rubs during the stapling. The alloy steel materials of this staple gun make it corrosion-resistant & anti-abrasive.

That ensures it provides you with a durable, heavy-duty performance for upholstery. However, it works excellent on ceiling tiles, woodworking, roofing, and rack as well. Its easy-squeeze technology permits you to adjust the knob at your vital force. And the force adjustment will depend on the binding material.

Highlighted Features:

Style: It comes with a unique three-in-one multi-purpose staple gun kit.

Weight: It comes with a 1.76 pounds weight.

Dimensions: It comes with the dimensions of 9.33″ x 10.98″ x 1.81″.

Material: The durable Silicone, steel, and pc carry box materials make it rust-resistant and durable.

Quick Nail puller: It comes with a 1mm thick puller head. Its anti-slip handle with Lever Principle design works as a quick Nail puller.

  • It works great if used properly.
  • This reusable box will ease your work.
  • It is a must-have multi-purpose staple for crafting.
  • Two different staples to meet different needs.
  • It comes with starter nails & staples.
  • It may get jammed if not used properly.


What brand and where can I buy the staples for 10+ mm?

Ans: You can use any brand’s staples but get the correct size staples. You will find the nail size for the door imprinted on the bottom of your gun.

I am a first-time staple gun user and having a hard time; why is it not working?

Ans: If you are a first-time user, then watch Youtube. And then follow the included manual instructions for easy accessibility.


Technical Specification
  • Brand:
  • Model / Part Number:
  • Material:
  • Style Type:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Origin:

It’s time to introduce you to the Electric staple gun T50 by Arrow brand. It comes in an off-white color. However, this staple gun is suitable for simple home repair and upholstery. Its sturdy, dense design makes it accessible with ease. You will love this lightweight staple gun for its contact safety features.

The included spiral-drive mechanism ensures compatible driving power. Its innovative motor allows you to staple as much as you need with simple grip force. However, it is suitable for T50- ¼, ½, ⅜, and 5/16″ staples. You can use this corded electric staple gun for your home repair.

It requires a maximum battery voltage of 0.7 Amps. This staple gun has a low/ high power adjustable feature. However, the included cord length is 8″. Utilize this heavy-duty staple gun by following the instructions with ease. You can enjoy a two years limited warranty for this 3.11 pounds staple gun.

Highlighted Features:

Style: T50ACD electric staple gun corded by Arrow Fastener.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this product are 8.75″ × 10.4″ × 3.5″.

Magazine type: It comes with an oversized trigger and bottom-loading magazine.

Quick-release technology: Its quick-release technology ensures perfect shots with maximum power force.

Staple viewing window: The staple viewing window allows you to track the staple’s refill time.

  • It offers heavy-duty performance for upholstery
  • A perfect electric staple gun for the crafter
  • It is quite specific on the trigger
  • You will find the grip nice and easy
  • It is easy to load and easy to use
  • The base would drop out that holds the staples in


Will, it works on the hardwood?

Ans: No. This staple gun will not work for hardwood. So, don’t break your staple gun on the hardwood.

How can I reattach/ install screens that my cat pushes out?

Ans: Reattach the pushed-out screens by removing the wood strip. And then pull back the pushed-out screen in place.

Buying Guide

A staple gun is a necessity for DIY homeowners and picture framing fans. Picking the most pleasing picture framing staple gun demands some basic knowledge. Here we stated some crucial features that you must check before making your transaction.


Almost every staple gun user faces a jamming issue during their task. That’s why checking the anti-jamming feature of your desired gun is a must. However, smart manufacturers offer anti-jamming features for their staple guns nowadays. So you can pick your desired staple gun from those options.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the anti-jamming feature. Be sure your desired staple gun comes with superior quality with its anti-jamming feature.

Nail Size:

The next crucial aspect is the nail size of your smart staple gun. You should always check the compatible nail sizes for your required staple gun. However, you will find several staple guns compatible with two or more size staples or nails.

If you want to use your staple gun for multi-purpose, then check the mail size feature.

Nail Depth:

Accuracy is the most crucial aspect of your nailing materials. For a professional, then nail depth is very vital to determine. The exact nail depth ensures firmness for your working materials. However, an inaccurate nail depth can damage your material like upholstery.

So, look for the nail depth adjustment feature on your desired staple gun. You will find different staple guns that come with different level nail depth adjustments. Pick one with a rotating depth adjustment feature for easy accessibility.

Swivel Tube:

If you want to purchase an air-powered staple gun, then check the swivel tube feature. It will avert the twist between the swivel connector and the swivel tube.

Source of Power:

The Source of the power of your required staple gun is checked-worthy. Choose your suitable staple gun from three different power sources. Determine which one will benefit you: the electric one or the manual one. Choose the air-powered staple gun for heavy-duty performance.

The manual staple guns or the electric stapler are perfect for DYE users. And the air-powered staple gun is for professional users.


Weight is another crucial feature that you need to check for before any transaction. If you are a professional, choose the lightweight staple gun.


We all know comfort is another must-check feature for your staple gun. Rubber grip with handle shape ensures maximum comfort for you. A staple gun with a convenient design is always the best pick.


Determine the durability feature of your required staple gun for satisfaction. Durability depends on the materials of your desired staple gun. For example, alloy steel material makes your staple gun rust-resistant and durable.


Warranty is the most expected feature for every purchaser. We love to buy items that come with a manufacturing warranty. Check for the warranty feature for your required staple gun. That will make a satisfying purchase without any tension.

Future spare parts accessibility:

Make sure your staple gun has future spare parts accessibility. So that you can replace the damaged part instead throw away the whole staple gun. It will save your credit and by providing a longer life for your staple gun.


What Does a Staple Gun Mean?

The staple gun is one kind of stapling tool that is known as a powered stapler as well. This hand-held tool is used to propel dense metal cores into masonry, wood, or plastic. A staple gun is suitable for various tasks such as roofing, insulation, and wiring. However, a staple gun can be used for house wrap and upholstery. You can utilize it for carpeting, crafting materials, and more.

How to Reload a Staple Gun?

A staple gun can fire on different nails. Here we will cover round crowns, narrow crowns, and brad nails. We are now introducing the process of loading all three at the below steps.

STEP-1: At first free the loading magazine of your staple gun. Press to unclip the magazine clip of your gun.

STEP-2: Now slip your gun’s loading magazine through the rear and remove it.

STEP-3: Then, place the staples inside the loading channel while the legs are leading down. Enter the Round Crown and Narrow Crown centrally into the loading chamber. On the contrary, load Brad nails on the left or right-hand side of your gun’s loading chamber.

STEP-4: Now it’s time to slip the loading magazine again. This time it will get back inside of your staple gun’s rear. Then it will be ready to re-clip the loading magazine. Apply staples on a one-use top or an unnoticeable surface before the actual work.

How to Care for Your Staple Gun?

Proper care will lengthen your staple gun’s life. You can ensure a durable life cycle of your staple gun by following the below-stated tips. Let me discuss them in detail for your proper understanding.

Ensure ideal air pressure:

We recommend about 90psi air pressure as ideal for your staple gun. Too low or too high air pressure both are harmful to your staple gun. However, too high air pressure can damage your gun’s bumper/ dumper by tearing it up. Similarly, too low air pressure may affect the piston and result in no fire at all.

Keep the air dry:

Always keep the air dry; otherwise, it will cause your staple gun’s performance failure. Water vapor will mix with the oil and malfunction your weapon. However, drain the air receiver tank on a regular basis.

Attach filter or drier on your staple gun:

Fit a drier or filter for the air receiver can increase your staple gun’s life cycle. But don’t only depend on the drier; make sure you drain the air receiver after a particular time.

Future spare accessibility:

Always make sure that your staple gun has future spare accessibility. It will enable you to replace any parts in case of permanent damage. That ensures your staple gun can perform a more extended service.

Use air tool oil and O Ring lubricant:

To take proper care of your staple gun, use o ring lubricant or air tool oil. It will increase the service period of your staple gun. However, it will prevent jamming issues as well.

What are the sizes of staples or pins needed to operate a staple gun?

Regular staple guns are suitable to operate three different size staples: ¼”, ⅜,” and 5/16. On the contrary, the heavy-duty staple gun is suitable for various staple sizes.

How can you unjam your electric staple gun?

Ans: To unjam your electric staple gun follow the below-stated instructions.

  • Firstly, remove your staple clip.
  • Secondly, use a needle-nose to pull out the jammed staples from the magazine. The needle-nose pliers are useful to clear the discharge area.

How can I refill my manual staple gun?

Ans: Follow the following steps to load your manual staple gun.

  • Find the pusher rod of your staple gun at the back.
  • Press the rod on to withdraw it.
  • Now stuff the staple’s legs earth-down above the guide rails.
  • Then return the pusher till it is secure in place.

Can I use my staple gun on concrete?

Ans: You can use almost every heavy-duty, multi-purpose staple gun for sub-flooring. That is worthy of concrete nailing as well. So, determine the depth of your concrete to get effective results.

What staple guns are perfect for my picture framing?

Ans: Pick one of the following staple guns for your picture framing. These are:

  • Dual Point Driver
  • Heavy-Duty Stapler
  • Pneumatic Standard T-50 Type Stapler
  • Manual Nail Gun
  • Electric staple gun
  • Air-powered staple gun
  • Multi-purpose staple gun

Final Verdict

You will find thousands of staple guns available from different brands in the market. They are different due to their quality and performances. So, picking the right staple gun from its options is quite tricky.

That’s why we have selected the 7-best staple gun for picture framing for your consideration. Give a good read at this review to get the perfect-fit staple gun for you.

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