Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for Trees

The pruning process will be comfortable and more manageable when your reciprocating saw blades are best. It also completes perfect and smooth cutting tasks that save your time. To get the best reciprocating saw blades for trees, you need to keep up with some terms and know which gives you enough durability.

So, if you want to get all the guidelines about reciprocating saw blades, you are in the right place.

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Many reciprocating saw blades are available in the market, and manufacturers always show their products as good ones. But few failings are present there. Here, we will state all opportunities and obstacles of the 5 best reciprocating saw blades for trees. So, keep reading to find out which saw blades are suited to your needs & make a good purchase. 

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades

Do you need a high-quality professional saw blade for cutting drywall, plastic, wood, and various types of metals? After choosing the best saw blade, the second concern is whether your saw blades are compatible with all reciprocating saws or not. As DEWALT is a reputable manufacturer in the USA, it provides you the best extension service other than any. 

DeWalt reciprocating saw blades are compatible with all reciprocating saws of various brands. Each set contains six pieces of blades. Three are metal cutting blades, and 3 are wood cutting blades. The more giant teeth and smaller teeth blades are for metal, plastics, and wood or smoother cuts, respectively. The USA and global materials are building materials with wood as well as metal compatibility of all brand’s reciprocating saws. That’s why it is worth buying. 

Twenty-four patented tooth forms of this model provide smooth and extra fast delivery. Suitable for metal cutting, woodcutting, and different types of cutting applications. You can also use it on pruning. For pruning, a 12″ blade is perfect. The accessible storage facility, assortment of blades, and long-lasting performance make this model popular. 

Key Features

  • Extended life: 50% long-lasting in comparison to the prior generation blade of DEWALT. 
  • More durable and straight cut: perfect for heavy metal cutting and straight cuts with thick, tall blade finishing.
  • Design with extra-durable blade: To get a more durable, long-lasting, and flexible blade, bimetal building materials perform great. DEWALT assures this facility.
  • USA-made product: As the manufacturer belongs to the USA, it is also made with global materials Internationally. Only Touch Case containers come from the USA.
  • Good quality: It has excellent quality blades with sharpness for versatile jobs.


1. 50% long-life facilities than the prior model

2. Provide durability and straight cut-in-touch demolition application.

3. Sharper cutting edge provides a faster cutting rate.

4. Minimize gum up and friction with anti-stick formulations.

5. Lightweight and fits with other saws so easily. 


1. Not suitable for cutting bricks.

Our Tips 

It is more long-lasting than others because of matrix II steel with 8% cobalt construction. Five inches long cutting edge is available on each blade. Teeth per inch (TPI) is variable from 5 to 8. Therefore, you can enjoy any cutting job, whatever you want, with these DEWALT Reciprocating saw blades at a reasonable price. Sharp labels will be required for better performance.

 CRAFTSMAN Reciprocating Saw Blades

Are you looking for a fast, smooth-cutting blade that is specially optimized for metal cutting? Craftsman is the USA-made saw blade brand which provides you a refund, return, and replacement policy. It comes with an 11-piece metallic saw blade set and offers a long-lasting, fast, efficient cutting. So, buying craftsman reciprocating saw blades is value for money. 

Some blades are thicker, and some are thinner according to multipurpose uses. If we compare it with a DEWALT saw blade about thickness, for craftsman 14 TPI – 8-inch metal cutting blade, the thickness is 50 thousandths. On the other hand, the DeWalt blade is 40 thousandths of the same size. A nice assortment of quality blades provides excellent utility.

Key Features

  • Precision set teeth: These teeth provide you with super-smooth cutting ever.
  • Tooth Design: it is specially designed for metal cutting.
  • High durability rate: The durability rate is high because of bimetallic construction. 
  • Sharpness: The sharpness is beyond expectations.


  1. Various sizes for both wood and metal cutting
  2. Compatible with craftsman reciprocating saws and a few other brands.
  3. Provides quality blades with a blade container/case.
  4. A universal lightweight saw blade set.
  5. It is a USA-made product that has long life durability.


  1. This model doesn’t come with a warranty.

Our Tips 

It is a product of the USA that can handle any job with blades of various lengths and teeth. A plastic storage case stores the 6,8,9-inch blades. The most important tip that you have to know, this blade pack is T shank. By this, you can realize the blade will fit with which saw model. Aluminum and some thin mild steel made its bimetallic construction. 

Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9″ Carbide General Purpose Reciprocating Blade

If you are looking for a blend material type blade that gives you 50x cutting life in hardwood, softwood, plaster, cement board, roots, and trees. Freud is a well-known USA blade brand that provides you with variable tooth technology and double TPI. A truly general-purpose blade that ensures fast cutting with any blending or breakage.

This Diablo 9″ carbide blade has an exclusive multi-color blade that is well compatible with circular saws. Perfect for compound miter saw work and other applications like fiberglass, sheet metal connectors, 4×10 cedar, PVC pipe, 2×12 pressure treated cedar, some bits with nails and foam insulation, rubber pipes, etc. In other words, this can go through everything. Many experts suggested it buy.

Key features:

  • Specialized tooth technology: It provides less vibrated faster cut with unique tooth technology 
  • Non-stick coated: carbide features perma-shield that are effective for reducing friction and gumming. 
  • Exceptional design: Manufacturers use a unique plunged tip design to give faster plunging, especially for wood.
  • Durability: Durable for both wood and metal up to 50X cutting life.
  • Highly recommended product: A general-purpose product including 3 per pack suitable for almost all applications.


  1. General-purpose and durable enough than others. 
  2. Extra-long blades give faster and easier cutting
  3. Features dual TPI for harder materials and speedy cutting.
  4. Provides a unique plunged tip design with a non-stick coat
  5. Less vibrate due to patented tooth technology.


  1. It is pretty expensive. 

Our tips: 

As we know before, it has a double TPI. It’s one of the exceptional features that you get. Higher TPI is suitable for harder materials (metal, metallic screw) and lower TPI for wood or such kind of materials. Because of versatility and extra-long durability, you don’t have to worry about blade swaps again. A set of 3 blades at an affordable price is awesome.

Wood Pruning Saw Blades for Reciprocating

Are you looking for a long-lasting, high-quality, fast-cutting saw blade of alloy steel for perfect pruning? A blade that is adjustable with most of the Sawzall/reciprocating saw can complete your pruning successfully. Caliastro, as a professional brand, includes such facilities with various unique features. So, at this cost, this is an excellent purchase for you.

It is an independent company and small company in Chicago that manufactures specially designed durable saw blades. Its long, sturdy blade is suitable to cut through any type of wood, for example, impressively sized plants, bushes, hedges, shrubs, etc. The blade of the Caliastro brand is fine at cutting 3″ XPS foam, 4 inches branches with a quick trim solution. 

You will be able to cut off about 200lbs of limbs in a short period (a couple of hours). The teeth of this blade are very sharp and reasonably durable. Though the dead limbs are harder than live limbs, they can prevent bending and binding due to thick blades. Undoubtedly a good product is having quick and smooth at a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Standard blade length: It includes five packs of wood pruning blades, each of 9 inches. Each inch consists of 5 teeth.
  • Sturdiness: Caliastro’s high-quality wood cutting makes it sturdier and faster for pruning and cutting.
  • Longevity: Despite contact with rocks, the performance of cutting and pruning is excellent and long-lasting.
  • Adjustability: Perfectly compatible with all major reciprocating saw blades. 
  • Storage case: It also offers a durable plastic storage case that easily is apart by pulling.


  1. Made from durable high carbon steel 
  2. Specially designed for pruning thick wood
  3. Perfect sharpness of teeth provides fast cutting
  4. Standard to fit most of the reciprocating saw 
  5. Plastic storage case with saw blades


  • This blade isn’t made from carbide-tip.
  • If you abuse this blade where it is not compatible, it will not work correctly.

Our Tips:

The sharpness of the teeth is as much as you want. But, if you want more sharpness, you can also use a diamond file to sharpen the blades. The blades are about three inches thick and capable of going through them like butter. You can even cut horizontal roots on a tree that you want to remove and clean the gutters as well. Even when the dirt penetrated due to the blade’s action, it worked great and cut well with no damage.

BOSCH 9 Piece Edge Reciprocating Saw Blade Set RSE009,5

If the reason you need reciprocating blades is that you want accurate cutting to do with some engineered turbo technology, we found the best solution for you. The Bosch 5 Piece Set is a universal blade that is compatible with almost all Sawzalls.

A Swiss-made all-purpose saw blade that offers you 3X longer durability than standard reciprocating saw blades. It doesn’t become heat; after that bends like others.

The blades consist of 9-inch 5-TPI blades to help with wood cutting, metal cutting, and tough pruning. Superior manufacturing, durability, and perfection for demanding materials make it an excellent product to buy.

Another great thing about these Bosch RSE009 is the extreme cutting with Swiss-made accessories. As Bosch is a famous company, it provides all the facilities that you need. When dealing with dense landscaping bushes and roots, your blades will wear down rather quickly, so this is an excellent benefit to have. 

Key Features

  • High quality: The blades featured a performance-optimized blade, outstanding turbo teeth technology, and more reliability.
  • All-purpose blades: 6 pieces edge saw blades are helpful for various purposes, for example, thick metal cutting, pruning, medium metal, whatever you want.
  • Swiss-made blade: Swiss-made premium materials offer better performance for extreme cutting applications. 
  • 3X more Durability: Its turbo teeth last longer and reinforce teeth with geometry sharp longer. 
  • High-speed performance: This bimetallic blade is perfect for cutting steel most effectively. The precision ground blades are durable enough. 


  1. 30% wider and thinner all-purpose blades.
  2. Heavy-duty, fast-cutting blades with turbo technology.
  3. Swiss made high quality, long-lasting blade
  4. Its decent size is easy to use, set & exceptionally sharp
  5. It comes with a nice blade holder.
  6. An exceptional, impressive, 1st rated product of Bosch.


  1. The price may be a bit higher

Our tips:

The Blades is the 9-inch in length. This length is perfect when you are dealing with dense landscaping bushes, roots, mild steel, small-scale demolition, pruning, etc. The blades are also very sharp, flexible, and ultra-thin. So, Considering the quality and cutting ability, it will be a good buy for you. The turbo teeth are cut better than others.

Buying Guide

Reciprocating saw blades are the most valuable tools for cutting and pruning because of their versatility and affordability. The vast array of blades can cut through branches, trunks, logs, stems, and bushes and even demolish entire trees. Though there is a wide range of reciprocating saw blades on the market, all blades aren’t designed for all purposes. 

That’s why to complete successful pruning; the first step is choosing the suitable reciprocating saw blades. Which factor would you consider for selecting the right saw blade? However difficult it may seem, this section will make this task easier. So, let’s go through the factors that should consider choosing the best reciprocating saw blades for trees.


Tree pruning is the process of cutting overgrown branches that everyone feels necessary in their life. As there are cordless or electric chainsaws present in the market, few people randomly choose anyone. Note that when your tree is big enough, a chainsaw isn’t suitable for you. 

In that case, you feel some obstacles when using them. You should also avoid heavy saws with blades. Try to choose lightweight saws & saw blades for pruning small trees. Besides metal blades, wood blades are also usable for felling trees.


Material is an important point to focus on what you will be cutting. Is this match your blade’s materials or not? Every blade is made for cutting a specific type of material. Suppose, if you use a wood cutting blade on steel or brick cutting, it’s definitely a waste of money, a waste of money as well. For this reason, it’s an important factor like TPI. The various construction materials are:

  • High Carbon Steel (HCS): HSC Is one of the most common blade materials as a softer, flexible one. Although it features the least durability but never bends without breaking. Very easy to handle any kind of particleboard, softwood, and plastic with this high carbon steel.
  • High-Speed Steel (HSS): It provides more heat-resistant, durability, and less flexibility than HCS. There is a risk of being broken at the time of bending due to less flexibility. Perfect for using non-ferrous metals, aluminum, and hardwoods.
  • Bi-Metal: HSS teeth and HCS body make a combination here. It comes with both durability, strength, and flexibility. Despite being expensive, it is getting more popular than others. Professionals use it to handle standard wood, sheet metal, demo jobs, piping, and auto dismantling.
  • Carbide-Tipped: When a bi-metal blade mixes with carbide tips on each tooth, it is called a carbide-tipped blade. Suitable for cutting stainless steel, thicker thick metals, grade 8 bolts, high-strength alloys, and boron-reinforced auto pillars, including cast iron. It offers 20x extra cutting life. They are ideal for cutting.
  • Carbide Grit: Strong cutting teeth with abrasive strips make it capable of cutting dense material. Carbide Grit can cut marble, cement, fiberglass, brick, ceramic, masonry as well as cast iron. 

Size & Dimensions

Dimension of reciprocating saw blades is the most common feature, commonly measured in inches. When used with a reciprocating saw, the blade moves back and forth for cutting—¼ to ½ inch available for almost all types of blades. 

Measurement starts from the tip of the one tooth’s edge and ends on the tip of the next tooth’s edge. How much thickness can be cut depends on the width of the blade? It is the measurement from the tip of one tooth’s edge to the tip of the next tooth’s edge. 

Teeth per inch

TPI, elaborated as teeth per inch, is a distinctive factor that makes a product more economical. Same teeth per inch are used for the same task. There is a wide range of saw blades in the market, and different saw blades have different lengths. Lengths are proportional to thickness; the greater the length higher the thickness.

Now, which should you choose for pruning trees or cutting wood? Experts recommended using less than 10 TPI for dealing with wood. This TPI is great for cutting logs, pruning, creating firewood, and much more. They are also able to cut through nails.

Any saw blades with more than 10 teeth per inch (TPI) will be less helpful in wood cutting. As they are perfect for cutting PVC and metal, they may cause burns while cutting. At 14 teeth per inch and higher, the blades become most useful for cutting metal or PVC only.

18 teeth per inch or higher blades are suitable for cutting the hardest metals. It is a clear sign higher TPI equals the more rigid material that can be cut. So, before buying a reciprocating saw blade, take TPI seriously consideration.


Thickness is another important characteristic of the blade, usually measured in millimeters. The strength and rigidity depend on the thickness of the blade. The higher the thickness, the more rigidity will be present on the reciprocating saw blades. 

However, it is relatively more challenging to control than a thinner blade. That’s why people want to choose a couple of millimeters thick saw blade. It is a standard thickness for a reciprocating saw blade.


Speed means how many strokes a saw can deliver in a minute. You can complete your pruning much faster with higher-speedy blades. So, choose this type of blade so that you can make your pruning quickly. Exceptionally few people choose slow blades because of time waste. It also makes users bored enough. Note that better speed gives you better work.


Generally, the size of projects determines the duration of cutting a tree with a saw. Heavy saw and saw blades don’t extend the pruning process, but they make you feel uncomfortable carrying them. Blades are, as usual, lightweight, but saws aren’t.

On the other hand, you will easily handle the lightweight saw and saw blades and save your time. That’s why try to choose a blade that you can easily bear its weight.

Power Source

Power sources are mainly two types for reciprocating saws, battery-powered and electric. Corded devices are always powered by electric equipment, and cordless are battery-powered. So, the corded devices are suitable for those where an uninterrupted power supply is available. In this way, you can maintain your pruning process within a specific area. 

Since the cordless device depends on the charging battery, it gives you the facility of pruning all areas. But, in that case, the battery charging capacity determines the working period of pruning. In a one-time charge, it can even provide a short time service. For that reason, choose your reciprocating saws and blades carefully.


Increasing strength and motion makes a product durable— one of the key features that you can’t possibly give up from your mind. So, you should buy a reciprocating blade by considering the strength and brand of the blade. Taller and thicker blades are more pleasurable, and long-lasting than a more flexible type blade. Make sure that your purchase depends on your task. 

If you thought that blades having more flex aren’t durable, this is correct. Flexibility doesn’t affect blades’ durability. Sometimes, stiffer blades break more efficiently at lower strengths than flexible blades. So, there is no scope to think that they have less utility. The blade’s construction material determines the strength of the blades.


Can You Use a Reciprocating Saw to Cut Trees?

Different types of blades are present to cut different types of blades. All-purpose blades are also available in the market.

Is the Thickness important to Look in a Saw Blade?

Yes, thickness is an essential feature in a saw blade. To get better strength and rigidity, you must consider the thickness of the saw blades.

Do all reciprocating saws use the same blades?

Yes. Basically, the reciprocating saw that contains a universal shank can fit with all the blades.

What is the best reciprocating saw for pruning?

Carbon steel blades are best for pruning because there is enough flexibility, and blending capability without breaking. Conversely, Durable steel blades are speedy, last 5x times longer than high-carbon steel but have a chance of breaking. 

How thick of a tree can a reciprocating saw cut?

Though it depends on blades, better quality blades can easily cut 5-6 thick branches of a tree. From 3 to 12 inches blades, the longer branches generally make deeper cuts for wood.

Final Verdict

If you are in the market and looking for the best reciprocating saw blades for trees, you must read buying guides before purchasing. Getting high quality & suitable saw blade for your reciprocating saw will be a great aid ever. We have already stated enough about which are the best and why you should buy these.

Since different saw blades are specially made for different materials, you should choose the blade according to your needs. After researching various reciprocating saw blades, you have to present the best blades with their exceptional characteristics or functionality. Hopefully, this article will help you enough to choose the right one.

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