Belt Sander Stopped Spinning – Common Reasons And Solutions

For multiple projects and professional work, Belt Sander is an efficient Tool. Everyone prefers sanders to smooth wood and metal surfaces. And with a Belt sander, you can do your work more precisely and quickly. But, It would not be possible, If your belt sander stopped spinning or stopped working. If you face this kind of problem, then this article is for you.

In the whole article, we have described the common reason behind the stopped spinning of the Belt sander. As well as we’ve tried to mention the possible solution. 

Then let’s go through the article.

Common Reasons Behind Belt Sander Stopped Spinning

Common Reasons Behind Belt Sander Stopped Spinning:

Two types of belt sanders are available Air Sander and Electric sander.  Both types have some common reasons and different reasons behind the spin stop. I have discussed all the reasons as well as their solution. 

First, Let’s know the common reasons for air and electric sanders.

#1: Dirt Deposit Problem:

This is the most common problem in both electric and air belt sanders rotating. For rubbing and heating in the sanding process, it is very common to store dirt inside. It happens when you are working for several hours. For this incident, you can notice your sander stopped spinning.

How to fix it:

By using a standard solvent you can flush the sander. It may solve your problem, otherwise, you should open your sander and clean each tool. After this, lubricate the tools and assimilate it.

#2: Old Parts Problem:

This is also a common problem. It is also found in air and electric sanders. Sometimes this problem becomes a severe issue. And your sander stops spinning.

Actually, when your worn parts like the bearing are not working, the belt sander doesn’t give you enough speed. Sometimes it skips spinning.

 How to fix it:

Without replacing the parts, there is no solution.  Buy the same parts from the shop and replace them.

Now we will talk about the air belt sander and its spinning problems.

#3 Air Valve:

It is common in all air Sander. Like others If your air valve is interrupted, the sander will stop spinning. Because it gives the power to start the tool.

How to fix it:

To solve this, you should first check whether something is obstructed in the air tunnel. Then remove it.

But if there is nothing in the air tunnel, then it can be a faulty valve. In this situation, you should replace the valve.

#4 Throttle lever:

To rotate a belt sander, your throttle should move freely. If it is not moving properly, you will find your sander stopped spinning. 

How to fix it:

To solve this, you should clean your throttle lever and make sure it moves freely. If you find a clean lever but the problem is still there, then replace the throttle lever. 

You may find this kind of problem in the air belt sander. Now let’s talk about the spinning problem of the electric belt sander.

Power Pronlem

#5  Power Problem:

It is a very common problem in an electric belt sander. After plugging in the tool’s power cord and finding that your sander is not rotating, then it may be a power problem. Many reasons are behind this problem, Those are:

  • Problematic Power Cord
  • Problematic switch
  • Inner wiring fault

How to fix it:

To check the power cord problem, you should open your sander and measure the voltage. You can use probes and voltage meters for this. And if you find the zero voltage, It is obviously the power cord problem. Then replace the power cord.

If your power cord is okay, then the problem may be in the switch. Using the probes and meters, you can measure the switch voltage. If it is zero voltage, then the problem is in the switch. Then replace it. 

According to this process, you can check the inner wiring. And you can find the fault as well.

#6 Drive Belt Sander:

If your sander does not start, then it may be a drive belt problem. Firstly make sure that it is not a power tool problem. If the motor is vibrating, then it’s not a power problem. But still, the sander is not spinning, so it is a drive belt problem.

How to fix it: 

  • You should remove your old drive belt and note the number.
  • Buy a new drive belt of the same number.
  • And replace the drive belt.  

#7 Carbon Brush Problem:

Carbon brushes are found in electric sanders. Because the motor needs carbon brushes. Firstly, this problem looks quite simple. But it can be a major problem when your sander stops spinning. 

How to fix it:

Two carbon brushes are in the motor. You should first locate the carbon brushes and replace them with new brushes.

#8 Motor Armature Problem:

A faulty armature can damage your sander. And you will find your sander is not rotating. It is a major problem as well.

How to fix it:

To fix this problem, you need a technician. To solve it, you should see the resistance of the commutator by the resistor. If there is any problem, the resistor gives you some value. If you find any problem, then fix it. 

Final Verdict

Nowadays the belt sander spin stopping problem is very common. I hope that after reading this article, you can find out why your sander is not working. And you can also solve this problem. 

You can solve this problem on your own. Or you can go for a technician. So, from now, don’t worry about your belt sander.

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