Air Sander Vs Electric Sander – Which One To Choose

Do you want to strip old paint, smooth, and finish rough areas? Then obviously, you need an ideal sander. You will be glad to know that this whole article is about the Air Sander Vs Electric Sander. Both sanders are most common and effective in work. Actually, one particular sander can solve one problem. 

If you are here with the question, which one will be perfect for me, then this article is for you. That’s because this article will remove all your confusion about these sanders.

Let’s know about the comparison between an air sander and an electric sander.

Air Sander

What is an Air Sander?

Air sanders are also called pneumatic sanders. As a power tool, air sanders use an air compressor. Air sanders are frequently used in smoothing automotive parts and metalworking components. It can do versatile work as well. The air sander varies with its features and design. 

The Mostly Used Air Sander Are:

  • Composite Dual Action Air Sander
  • Dual Action Air Sander
  • Mini Air Sander
  • Compact Composite Air Sander
  • Air Belt Sander
  • Dual Action Air Palm Sander

Purpose of Usages:

There are many styles of Air sander from palm styles air sander to pistol styles air sander. For heavy work, this is a perfect sander. Air sanders provide a smooth area when you work on large board-type areas.

The most popular activity of the air sander is refinishing classic cars. This sander is useful for stripping old paint or smoothing rough areas also.

When you want to refinish your lawn furniture, then an Air sander will help you most. Also when you refinish your old door in a new shape, it will help.


  • Lighter And compact size
  • Price is less than electric sander
  • Easy to handle for lightweight
  • Using procedure are easy


  • Can’t collect the dust after sanding
  • For small shop its not suitable
Electric Sander

What is an Electric Sander?

An Electric Sander operates with an electric motor.,This powerful tool is used in smoothing and refinishing. For faster work, electric sanders are best. You can find various types of electric sander. Those types differ in their features and design.  

The most usable electric sanders are:

  • Random Orbital Sander
  • Orbital Sander
  • Detail/Mouse Sander
  • Bench Sander
  • Floor Sander
  • Disc Sander
  • Finishing Sander

Purpose of Usages:

As the electric sanders use an electric motor, this motor makes the sander powerful. It is a versatile sander. You can do your household woodwork and garage work easily. And  When you want to do a DIY project, the electric sander helps you most. 

You can remove your old paint so easily with this Sander. It can be used to remove the access material from the surface or prepare a surface for any project.

When you want to smooth the edge or, stripping and prepare floors, this sander gives you the best result. You can remove the dust with this also.


  • Better Technique uses in Electric sander
  • fast and proficient 
  • Remove fatigue
  • Can Collect dust 
  • Many new features


  • Costly in Price
  • It’s not good enough for mass production.

Air Sander Vs Electric Sander: A Detailed Comparison

          Air  Sander           Electric Sander
Purpose of UsagesGives a smooth surface and removes paint and car waxing also refinishing. Better performance in mass work. Gives smooth surfaces, stripping and removing paint. Better performance in small shops.
Sanding MaterialSandpaper and abrasivesSandpaper and abrasives
Working PrincipleWorks in random orbits. Uses an Air compressor.Works on random orbits. Use an electric motor.
Head ShapeErgonomic shapeErgonomic shape
Sheet SizeVaries with the type.Varies with the type
Work On Surface & TypeStraight surface and also on the curved surface.The straight surface is also on the curved surface.
Working ProcessCan be used with both hands. Run at 12000 RPM and 10000 RPM for 34 orbital sander Can be used in both hands. Run at 14000 RPM.
weightLighter Heavier for motor

Air Sander Vs Electric Sander – Which Type of Sander is the Best for you?

To choose between the Air sander and the Electric sander, you should know the main difference. You will find some differences in cost, weight, speed, safety, noise, lifespan, and most importantly which type of work you will do. 

You can buy an air sander for less price than an electric sander. An electric sander is a little bit more costly than an air sander.

The electric sander uses an electric motor, but in the air sander, there uses an air compressor. That makes the air sander lighter than the electric sander.

Electric motors make noise. That’s why you will find a noisy environment in the electric sander. 

The electric sander has many electric components that can be damaged so easily. So, the Air Sander lifespan is larger than the Electric sander.

But, If you are in a hurry or want to do work quickly, you should choose the electric sander. An electric sander is quicker than an Air sander.

When it comes to the safety issue, you will find the air sander safer than the electric sander. Because there is no electric shock. And you can handle the Air sander more easily than the electric sander.

An electric sander can collect dust and it has many new features that are not found in the air sander. It can collect dust after work.

Basically, both sanders have advantages and Disadvantages. The efficiency depends on which type of work you will do. If you work in a small shop, then you should choose an Electric sander. Or if you want to do mass work, you should choose an air sander. 

Final Verdict

There are so many options in Air sander and Electric sander. Your work purpose will help you to choose the perfect sander. 

For Garage or house works, you can choose the electric Sander. But if you are a carpenter, then you can choose any type of air and electric sander. Actually, it depends on you which type of work you are willing to do.

Now it’s your turn to choose the best one. Choose the sander related to your profession and purpose. Hope that all of your confusion has been removed.

So make the best choices.

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